Cross-Promotion = Ca-CHING!

One of the great joys of working in PR is the fun clients that we get to work with through the year, and especially now in the lead-up to Christmas, we get all warm and fuzzy as the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal gathers momentum in the leadup to 25 December each year.

For years now, Publicity Queen has handled the promotion of the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal for Queensland and Victoria, and this year we had the great idea of featuring two of our clients in a Christmas cross-promotion in collaboration with mX.

The result is the stunning image that you can see on the left of screen – featuring Lydia Lim from Soul Mystique – the dynamic dance and illusion duo that we have worked with this year, creating for them opportunities for media coverage including a return appearance on the Seven Network’s high rating show Australia’s Got Amazing Talent.

Lydia looks smashing in this picture, dressed entirely (almost!) in gift tags provided by the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.  This image appeared on Tuesday on the front covers of mX in both Brisbane and Melbourne, reaching hundreds of thousands of busy commuters on their way home from work.

I encourage all of you who have multiple clients in diverse fields (or even in complementary ones) to think about ways that you can harness the contacts, content, visuals and events of your clients, partners and staff so that you can get a double-whammy through cross promotion, just as we have done here.

It has spurred me on to think about many more wild and wonderful ways that we can bring together all the members of the Publicity Queen family, generate some publicity, and build that spirit of inter-connectedness between us all.  Stay tuned!

Yours in PR


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