Highlights of 2011 – What Were Yours?

It’s that time of year when we stop to reflect on the year that has been and began to plan and dream about the year to come.  This reflection is not just sentimental – I find it very useful to think back about what we achieved in 2011, and what we would do differently next year, and plan what we want to accomplish in 2012.

It’s not until I sat down and thought through just what we have achieved in the last 12 months that I realised just how busy and productive we have been.

Here are my personal highlights of our achievements at Publicity Queen over the past 12 months:


  • PQ Expands – due to new client acquisitions and overall growth in the company, Publicity Queen established a presence in NSW for the first time through hiring PR gun Valerie MacIver, based in Sydney.  This means Publicity Queen now have consultants stretching across a vast expanse of the Australian Eastern Seaboard – including Qld’s Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.
  • PQ Makes Front Page News – this year we maintained our strike rate in generating front page news.  We did this for our long-time client, the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, securing the front page of mX in both Brisbane and Melbourne on the same day! We also made front page news twice on the Daily Telegraph in Sydney for media coverage of the Global Leadership Forum.
  • PQ features in Herald Sun – this year also saw a major feature article on me and Publicity Queen featured in Melbourne’s most-read newspaper, the Herald Sun; as well as an interview with me appearing in MyBusiness magazine.
  • 12 Months of Queentessentials – 2011 was the first year that we ran a complete annual set of our much-loved Queentessentials e-newsletter, featuring many fascinating interviews with such media heavyweights as Deb Thomas, Steve Speziale and David Astle to name a few.  Stand by for February’s first edition of Queentessentials for 2012, which will be filled with useful and entertaining snippets from the world of PR.
  • Making new friends – this year saw the power of association demonstrated in real terms, as Publicity Queen partnered with The Growth Faculty to bring to Australia George Clooney, Martha Stewart and four other leading business leaders and innovators for the Global Leadership Forum.  This event generated extraordinary interest and coverage for us (as well as a picture of George and me that is framed and sits proudly on my bedside table) and will propel us into an entirely different league in the PR game in Australia.

Our challenge for 2012 will be to harness the momentum that we created in 2011, as evidenced by the achievements listed above, and use these to create further growth for our business in the next 12 months.  I am excited to think about what those achievements will be by the time I write this same blog post next year.

Happy New Year to all of our readers, clients, friends and supporters, and I’d love to hear from our readers what your highlights of 2011 might be.

Yours in PR


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