What Are The Big New Media Trends for 2012?

For most Australians today is their first day back at work after the Christmas break, and it is opportune to ponder just what 2012 holds in store for us folk working in the dynamic and ever-changing world of media and PR.

One man who well and truly is FOP (finger-on-pulse) on the local media scene, with an enviable black book of contacts, and who last year predicted with remarkable accuracy major changes in the radio industry is Brett Debritz.

He wrote recently about his predictions for what will be ahead for the media industry this year, and I have extracted some interesting highlights for you.

Among his predictions are:

* Continued drift away from old media will continue, with tradional radio audiences exploring online alternatives.

* Increased pressure on advertising expenditure with greater results-based evidence on media outlets to provide quality research on exactly who is tuning in, and how to reach them, again with pressure moving from traditional channels to online outlets.

* Ongoing volatility for on-air talent as viewers have both little patience for both hosts and programmes that don’t ‘fire’ straight away.

* Further consolidation of managerial power in media companies.

* Increased pressure on the Fairfax Radio group, underlined by the need to make inroads in the Sydney market.

* Questions lingering over the long-term viability of digital radio with issues persisting over lack of access for regional and remote areas and the need to breakdown the dominance of analogue radio reception in motor cars, which is where most people tune in.

* Increased commercial pressure upon the ABC.

* Enhanced market position for community radio offerings.

* The power of radio stars waning (the Kyle Sandilands saga has surely assisted this trend) with increased need for traditional media to engage their audiences through interactive and social media to lock in the loyalty of the listening community.

To read Brett’s insightful comments in full, click here  If you have your own predictions about what this year has in store for us, write and let me know!

Yours in PR


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