What It Was REALLY Like to Work With George Clooney

Recently I wrote to you all about the highlights of 2011, and certainly at the top of that list was the extraordinary 48 hours I spent inside the media bubble that surrounds Hollywood A-lister, George Clooney.

Having worked in PR for entrepreneurial companies for many years, where I have worked hard, with the support of my team, to generate media interest and coverage on our clients’ behalf in a tight and highly competitive media market, it was a complete shock to the system to work with someone for whom the media, quite literally, could not get enough.  The exposure and attention that George Clooney received, sadly was at the expense of the other five stellar business leaders who also attended the Global Leadership Forum in Sydney, including Martha Stewart, Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus, music industry mogul Russell Simmons, and pioneering webpreneurs Jeff Taylor of Monster.com and Michael Fertik of Reputation.com

These exeriences are now the subject of front page news, as Publicity Queen this month is featured in glorious colour (red, of course!) on page one of January’s PR Report.

In the article, you can read all about exactly what it was like to get up close and personal with Mr Clooney (an experience I highly recommend) and also the curious experience of being at the centre of a media maelstrom, the proportions of which I have never previously encountered.  Big thanks to Glen Frost of Frocomm for the shout out – love your work!

You can also read all about it in full at the news article on Publicity Queen‘s website, so feel free to click here to read more.

Yours in PR



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