Stuff PR People Say

Never let it be said that PR people are either lacking in a sense of humour, or that they are out of touch with the latest online and social media trends.

In defence of this position I present to you exhibit A: a YouTube video entitled “Stuff PR People Say” which is fashioned in the manner of one of the latest YouTube sensation (Stuff) Girls Say which has had millions of views in recent weeks.

This neat little video has captured some priceless PR moments and expressions that I am sure we are all guilty of saying in the course of a hectic and fast-paced day in the life of the exciting world of PR.  These include: “Am I on speaker?”,  “Did you get my email?” and “you’re following me on Twitter, right?”

I commend this video to you, which was created by the clever folks at Hunter Public Relations of New York.  It makes enlightening viewing, particularly if you work in PR or are interested in doing so some day.  You can view it in full here

It did prompt me to think of what would be the top 5 phrases overheard here at Publicity Queen headquarters (otherwise known as PQHQ) and they are:

1. “No, didn’t you see it, it was on the FRONT PAGE!”
2. “Oh yeah, he’s one of my Twitter contacts, I can definitely get in touch with him today.”
3. “They said they would run it in the next issue.”
4. “Just got the proofs back from the photoshoot, they look AMAZING!”
5. “Well, the Herald Sun ran it, and then talkback radio got a hold of it, and then…”

I would love to know the 5 most often overheard expressions in your office.  Be sure to drop me a line and share.

Yours in PR


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  1. There was another one done on stuff LA Publicists say that is hysterical! You should check it out here-

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