Start As You Mean to Go on: PR In The First 30 Days

There is an old saying that goes something like “success breeds success”, and so it is in my business that while we are busy working and getting results, that we don’t stop and think about WHY something works, rather than just accepting implicitly that it does.

While we can’t run our businesses looking in the rear-view mirror, I am a firm believer in learning from our successes as much as we do from our mistakes.  Specifically, I am thinking about the importance of locking in and locking down the loyalty and long-term collaboration of a client.

When we are in client acquisition mode, a great deal of effort and mental energy is expended in finding out about the client, what their needs are, where their story opportunities reside.  Then once that client comes on board there is a sense of relief and satisfaction that they are on board and optimism about the future.

I submit to you that it is at JUST THIS MOMENT that rather than resting upon your laurels or taking a breath, that THIS is the moment when your greatest efforts need to begin.  It is time to dazzle your client with just what amazing results you are capable of creating for them, within the first 30 days, with the idea that they will be so impressed with your first efforts that they would never think of ending their relationship with your firm.

Recently at Publicity Queen we signed a new, major, national client and within the first WEEK, no less, one of our very talented publicist has secured a photo shoot and major feature story in the best-regarded and most read newspaper in a major Australian capital city.  Our intention in hitting the ground running, hard, is to leave them with such a positive impression that it reinforces in their mind that hiring Publicity Queen was the best decision they ever made.

The challenge, once that initial blitz has been and gone, is to MAINTAIN that momentum – in other words to start as you mean to go on.  And how do we do that?  Here are some key tips:

  • be creative – never underestimate the power of a quirky, unusual, timely, humorous, surprising story angle and always be thinking about the visual aspect of the story;
  • think long-term – develop strong and mutually-supportive relationships with the media so that they are receptive when you pitch them a story idea;
  • beat the bushes – work with your client in flushing out hidden pockets of genius (and these exist in every organisation) what hidden gems do they possess? Some unique and original research, a new invention or way of doing things… find those little nuggets and polish them up;
  • never miss a chance to comment – even if the story doesn’t originate with you or your client, always be available to add your contribution on the subject; and
  • be tenacious and never give up – just because a journalist passed on one story, it doesn’t mean they won’t love the next one.

So, my advice to you all is to start every PR campaign as if you are about to lose it, and do as much as you can in the first 30 days so that your client very quickly begins to wonder what they ever did without you.  Hopefully they will never want to find out.

Yours in PR


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