What is another word for…?

There are times when each of us enter the wordsmith’s own personal hell, otherwise known as writer’s block.  These are instances when you are thinking of a word, but the one you have come up with is not right – you want a word similar to it, or the opposite of it, or want to see a particular word used in a sentence, and here my friends is where my new favourite website, WordHippo.com comes in.

Once writer’s block strikes you, if you visit the WordHippo website, there are a multitude of helpful options that are just a mouse-click away.

Among the helpful options are:

  • what’s another word for …
  • what’s the opposite of …
  • what is the meaning of …
  • a sentence using the word…
  • words that rhyme with…
  • translate the word into 12 different languages…
  • find the plural, past, present or future tense of…
  • find a word of between two and ten letters that start, end or contain a word part.

So, as an example, starting with my very own favourite word – you guessed it – brio, let’s see what WordHippo has to offer.  Brio: Noun meaning high spirits, vigor, sparkle, oomph.  Quite!  Couldn’t have explained it better myself.

Hours of fun (well, my kind of fun, anyhow… each to their own) can be had by inputting your most or least favourite words, and when you are stuck, letting the WordHippo wade through the fertile waters of our English vocabulary and emerge with a little nugget of language gold.

Happy fossicking!

Yours in PR


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