Publicity Queen Announcement Ten Years in the Making

Dear Readers, charge your glasses and be upstanding because it was today, the 19th of April ten years ago, when I launched Publicity Queen in Melbourne and first hung up my royal shingle.

They say time flies when you are having fun, and there can be no greater joy than working hard at what you love to do, and this is certainly the case for me with PR.

Along the way I have worked with, gotten to know and be-friended many clients, and enjoyed the services of some truly remarkable publicists and support staff.

So, I thought today might be an opportune time to reflect on all that we have achieved in that decade.

Publicity Queen’s Top Ten Achievements (to date!):

1. Making BRW’s list of PR firms for three straight years in row in 2009, 2010 & 2011

2. Making the front covers of mX in two Australian capital cities on the same day in 2010

3. Getting over $1,000,000 worth of coverage for Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal in a 6-week timeframe each year since 2010

4. Managing the PR for George Clooney (we’re still swooning here) and Martha Stewart in 2011

5. Creating a global viral media campaign for Animal Aid featuring ‘Sampson’ in 2011

6. Getting front page coverage in The Australian Financial Review for one of our clients in 2009

7. Trademarking TRUEpublicity in 2007

8. Expanding the business to service Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in 2008

9. Being voted as one of Australia’s pioneer marketing blogs in 2007

10. Working with a royally talented group of PR professionals and inspirational clients – everyday!

I would like to thank sincerely everyone who has worked with us during the last decade, and I can only imagine what the next ten years hold in store.   I must away for a well-earned celebratory flute of bubbly.

Yours in PR


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  1. Thanks for liking our post, Ricardo, and so quickly too! We would love to feature you in the Meet the Media segment of our e-newsletter sometime if you are interested?

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