Which Company Has the Best (and Worst) Newsroom?

Ever wondered which companies in Australia that feature on the ASX Top 100 have the best in-house news hub? Well, wait no longer.. drumroll please… The winner of this prestigious accolade, according to a research report by Comnicate, is: Rio Tinto!

In Comnicate’s Report, the survey they conducted studied content, distribution and user experience (i.e. what news is online, how easy it is to access, can news be shared), and found wide disparities between the best and worst online media newsrooms for ASX100 companies according to key criteria.  The research produced some interesting results about the ASX100 companies as to how well they communicate their news.

The highest score was achieved by Rio Tinto at 91, and the mean average score for the ASX100 was 52. Disappointingly for Bank of Queensland, they came in at the bottom of the list.  I thought you might like to know who featured in the top ten, so here goes:

1. Rio Tinto
2. AMP
3. Telstra
4. ANZ Banking Group
5. Woodside Petroleum
6. Origin Energy
7. Treasury Wines
8. Commonwealth Bank
9. Qantas
10. Iluka Resources

From looking at this list, some thoughts occur to me.  Little wonder that a resources company like Rio Tinto should perform best in this survey, and that Iluka, Woodside and Origin are featured, as resources companies tend to have deep pockets plus a strong corporate imperative to communicate their messages, given the negative press that has attended their sector in recent years.  Similarly, from a tech point of view, you might expect Telstra to be in this list, as surely their team would have access to the latest and greatest gizmos.

What is surprising is that a relatively unknown winery like Treasury should be in the list, and this news is encouraging for SMEs.  While it certainly helps if you have the resources of one of the big four banks to run a good online newsroom, in the words of the classic “it ain’t necessarily so.”

So, what are the key learnings from this? Your online newsroom should be focussed on:

a) providing good content
b) making the user’s experience as easy and enjoyable as possible
c) ensuring good news distribution – and by good, I mean not spamming about every little thing, but quality news, sent out before everyone else knows about it.

How does your online newsroom rate? To read the report in full, click here to find out.

Yours in PR


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