Publicity Queen Scores a Howling Good Story

Publicity Queen has scored howlingly good results this week for long-time client Animal Aid, organising this delightful snap and story that appeared in Melbourne’s Sunday Herald Sun.

The story features the very young and very talented Caitlin Marks who stars in the title role of Annie in the hit musical currently showing in Melbourne, alongside Ginnie, a young Papillon-cross who is currently being sheltered by Animal Aid in Victoria.

What makes this story so appealing is the great combination of an appealing photo with a heart-warming story.  Publicity Queen is very fortunate to work with a client like Animal Aid, whose animals provide us with a never ending source of adorable photo opportunities that have assisted us no end in generating great media angles for them.

The challenge for us is to constantly think of new, exciting and innovative ways to feature our client, attracting media attention and always finding new and fresh perspectives.

What is especially pleasing is that this story came about as a result of wonderful teamwork between two of the Publicity Queen team members, one of whom developed the story idea, and the other who pitched it successfully to the Herald Sun.

Our thanks go the cast and crew of Annie the musical who helped us to make this story opportunity happen, and to Sunday Herald Sun photographer Tony Gough for taking such a great shot.

I wonder what the next big splash for our clients will be?  Stay tuned to find out.

Yours in PR

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