Howzat! Publicity Queen’s Blog Scores Double Century

Good morning and welcome to the 200th blog entry of the Publicity Queen blog!  Although I am not overly sentimental, I thought this milestone was worth celebrating, and it prompted to me to ponder about blogging and its future.

At this opportune moment I thought I would reflect on the previous 200 entries, sharing my personal highlights with you all, which in a neat way also mark some major achievements for Publicity Queen and my dream team who have helped me along the way.

As many of you know I’m an early adopter-uptaker of technology, and right from the start my blog was noted as one of Australia’s pioneering marketing blogs.  It’s hard to imagine now a time when we weren’t all blogging, but like any new innovation there were many who questioned the longevity of this new communication medium.  Although Twitter and other message delivery systems have emerged, blogging isn’t going anywhere, as evidenced by the proliferation of authors writing in this medium, including those among you who have made it PAY (ka-CHING!).

You may well ask, why do I still blog? Is it valuable? Is it worthwhile? Overwhelmingly I must tell you yes, yes and YES!  The more I know of business and building relationships in a professional sense, the greatest power and influence we generate is by making personal connections and sharing insights.  As my daughter reminds me “sharing is caring”.  Quite.

For me this blog is like a corporate photo album where I have chronicled all the highlights over the years, and when you’re busy, it’s easy to lose track of all that has been achieved so far.

This blog has also marked major achievements in our work including the many front covers (more than 20 now!), signing new clients, hiring new Queens, and the opportunities I have had to meet and learn from my ‘uber gurus’.  Few will forget (in particular, moi!) meeting George Clooney last year as well as Martha Stewart and many other business luminaries who have visited Australia over the years.

I have shared insights and revelations of my own based on my experiences of which business technologies work best in which environments, how best to promote our clients, and the lighter side of the PR game.

I encourage you all to delve into our blog archive and retrieve your favourite ‘lightbulb’ moment from all of those I have shared over the years, and I look forward to continuing this conversation with you into the future.

Yours in PR

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