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Meeting Spencer Howson – Brilliance for Breakfast

My Royal Adviser and right hand girl, Libby Collett, has just returned from interviewing the Brisbane breakfast dynamo, Spencer Howson, who hosts the most listened-to breakfast segment in the local radio market, from 6-9am each morning on ABC Radio 612am.

It seems the key to Spencer’s success really comes down to a few key elements – his unwavering integrity (this man cannot be bought – not even with a cup of coffee!), his obsession with finding the local Brisbane aspect to all the content on his programme and his drive to make his show’s content relevant and useful for his listeners.

For those who may not know, Spencer is one part of a Brisbane media power couple, as his wife Nikki is a news producer at Channel 9 Brisbane, and you might imagine between the two of them, there is nothing going on in Brisbane that they don’t know about.

Keep your eyes peeled for the December/January bumper festive edition of Queentessentials to peek inside this news powerhouse and find out the secrets to his success.

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