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Is Print Media Dead? Ask Fairfax

The future of print media as we know it in Australia was dealt a body blow this week when Fairfax Media announced that they would shed 1,900 jobs, shrink the size of their print versions of key news titles and charge for subscriptions to their online sites.

This is obviously devastating news for the people affected by the job cuts, but beyond those immediate concerns, there are questions being asked about what these changes mean for the future of the media in Australia.

I’m all in favour of both The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age moving to a smaller size – it’s not the size that matters (!) it’s the content and the editorial charter.  What may affect this more deeply, is the loss of so many journalists; with pundits assuming one in every four or five Fairfax journos being shown the door.

I’m also in favour of purchasing online content because we need to place value on high-quality online content.  Fairfax has been running with this model for quite some so an extension to their SMH and Age titles is a natural and sensible progression.

What is frightening is that soooo many wonderful and talented journalists will be unemployed and it’s unlikely that any of the Murdoch titles have the capacity to take many on – although I do suspect some interesting cherry picking to ensue!

However, with every cloud…

This move by Fairfax may in fact create a significant wave of change in Australia’s media make-up if some of the sacked Fairfax journalists follow in the footsteps of their previous Fairfax colleagues – I refer to of course Amanda Gome at and Alan Kohler at  With the possibility of key Australian journalists left wanting to ply their craft, they may create their own online media outlets –meaning we may in fact get the opportunity to relish increased diversification in our media through innovative and passionate ex-Fairfax reporters.

Perhaps the sadness in all of this is Fairfax’s grand underestimation of the value of its brand. Fairfax holds a unique place in the Australian media landscape with flagship titles such as The Australian Financial Review and BRW in addition to Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.  It seems to me that rather than playing to their strengths, they’ve been overtaken by their weaknesses – for this the management needs to answer…

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Leading Company New Monthly E-Mag for Business

It is with great pleasure that Publicity Queen would like to welcome to the monthly e-magazine block a fabulous new business publication, Leading Company.

Under the capable leadership of James Thomson, formerly of Business Spectator and BRW, Leading Company is a publication for company founders and managers from the SmartCompany team, designed to help company founders and senior executives meet the challenges of leadership and strategy.

The inaugural edition features Jack Welch on fighting complacency, Amanda Gome discusses thinking big while on holidays, and Leon Gettler gets to grips with what the new carbon tax will mean for management – the challenges and the opportunities.

Congratulations to James, Amanda and the team from Smart Company, we will be reading with interest.

To read more about Leading Company, click here and to read the other must-have monthly e-mag for business, (even if we do say so ourselves) our very own Queentessentials, click here

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