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Maintaining Database Integrity

With an ambitious growth trajectory on the radar, at Publicity Queen we are in the throes of a business development drive.

Having sourced a database, it has been an interesting (and time-consuming) exercise authenticating the contacts and incorporating them into our system.  We have learnt some key lessons – and here they are….

Firstly – (I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it continues to astound me) choose a web domain that precisely reflects who you are and your company name.  It was surprising to me that when I ‘googled’ some businesses, that their domain did not actually match their company name, and in many cases (which really surprised me!) some did not have websites at all!

Secondly – make it easy for people to find your contact details.  Incredibly, many of the companies I searched for did not have a valid email address on their site.  Now I understand that some of us are trying to protect ourselves from spammers and data miners and spiders, I get that, but bear in mind that by using an email form instead of supplying an address that you will miss out on some busy people who do not have the time to fill in all the required fields and WANT TO SEND YOU A QUICK EMAIL!

Moreover, there are web protocols that are best observed – people will look for a ‘Contact Us’ tab, but might not click on a ‘Drop Us a Line’ tab or a ‘Say G’Day’ tab, so don’t be too clever or creative with this important info, and in the immortal words of Jerry Maguire, ‘help us, help you!”

Thirdly – if you do receive a database of contacts via a third party, it is worthwhile to spend some time (which means some $ too) in checking its veracity.  In a recent one I received, many contact details were incorrect, including important information like the name of the contact.  Can’t imagine I will have too much success recruiting John Smith if I sent him an email that read “Dear Gohn”..  He might be ‘Gohn’ now, as in long gone!

Fourth – if you are beginning a sales drive, make sure you are in the right place to maximise your new leads.  One of our potential contacts (and I won’t name names) had a very minimalistic website.. which is polite PR speak for it was a BLANK PAGE.. no pics, no text, no links.  Not sure just what message they were trying to send with that site, but where I come from it said “I am not ready to do business with you”.

So, in short, make a powerful first impression with your branding, make it easy for people to find you and then get in contact with you.

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