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Why Journalists Should Think Like PR Agencies

Previously I have written about how those working in PR need to think like journalists and to get a better understanding of how the media works, so as to better influence  it on behalf of their clients.  Indeed, an entire section of our monthly e-news, Queentessentials, is devoted to Meet the Media, providing insights into just how the media works, so that we can all target the information that we send them for best effect.

Today Paul McIntyre from AdNews wrote an article in which he quoted the views of Fairfax Media’s General Manager for News, Darren Burden, who has encouraged Fairfax journalists to think more like PR people.

Intriguing!  Let’s hear more.  Burden assets that the conventional way newspapers approach stories was to break the stories then walk way and let radio and TV take the story on.

That, Burden says, is about to change.  “We need to think more like a PR agency, which shocks people a bit but it’s about when you have a great story and you set the agenda, you don’t walk away from it. Instead you take it and drive it for three days so people understand what the story is about.”

This will be a surprising revelation for many journalists, who although they reportedly source up to 50% or more of their content from PR, and can be critical of publicists, sometimes referring to PR as being the ‘dark side’ of the news.

Burden says journalists need to start driving stories and owning them.  I find this a fascinating insight, and I think it adds much to the commentary about the fuzzy grey line between news and PR, how these industries collaborate, how they compete and how each can learn from the other.

From my experience, working with journalists is a wonderful symbiotic relationship, where, if handled well, everyone wins – the client gets media coverage and the journalist writes a great story.  This is not to say that this interplay is not without its challenges.

To read Darren Burden’s remarks in full, visit the article here.  I would welcome your views on this controversial topic.

Yours in PR

Publicity Queen Makes BRW Top 5

Here at Publicity Queen we are firm believers in the power of referral partners and third-party endorsements, particularly those from highly-esteemed industry journals, so you can imagine our delight in reading this week’s edition (7-13 October 2010) of BRW to find that on page 51, Publicity Queen is featured at NUMBER FIVE on their list of Public Relations firms.  *Swish!*

We are pleased to be given this endorsement from BRW and proud to be listed alongside our competitors and collaborators in the industry, and moreover, as detailed in the supporting copy on the same page, BRW explains that the purpose of the list is to assist small to medium enterprises to access services and support.  This is serendipitous, as the entire business philosophy of Publicity Queen is to provide public relations strategy, advice and implementation to just this sector of the market for the purposes of maximising the growth of their businesses.

Also included in the article is a list (they are BIG on lists over at BRW!) of five questions to ask a PR firm, for the purposes of verifying if they are able to service your business and its PR requirements.  We thought it might be informative to actually answer those five questions from our own point of view, so as to provide an insight for our existing and future clients on our credentials, experience and approach.

The questions are:

1. Have any of your staff worked as journalists?
Yes.  At Publicity Queen, among our suite of consultants are former television, radio and print journalists.  However, we like to ensure we have a mix of both qualified journalists and PR professionals as they both bring different, and equally important, skill sets to our clients.  Also, each of our Queens also have extensive experience – that’s the other critical question to ask.

2. What is your approach to developing a PR strategy?
Essential to the process of taking on a new client, we conduct a thorough research and fact-finding missions so that we can understand your business and your PR needs and align your TRUEpublicity strategy to your business objectives and priorities.  TRUEpublicity enables us to develop a PR strategy that leverages the PR strategy across four channels and thereby dramatically improve results and return-on-investment for clients.  We do well, when you are doing well.

3. Who would be working on my account?
We only have senior consultants at Publicity Queen (who are called ‘Queens’ by the way) so you are assured of having a seasoned and talented professional represent and advise your business.  Each of our Queens are formally qualified journalists or PR practitioners so they have a proven track record in driving results.  Because we work in so closely with clients and, in effect, become an extension of the management team, we encourage prospective clients to meet the Queen prior to signing-up.

4. How do you measure results?
Let’s be honest, measuring any form of marketing has its difficulties but we overcome that in two ways.  Firstly by our reporting – we supply clients with complete transperancy on our monthly reports so that you know what media we’re dealing with, what information they have received and what coverage has resulted from each campaign.  We also measure results by the value we add to the business and there are a range of indictors to do this from increased traffic to website to increased revenues – these types of indicators can be tailored to suit each client.

5. How proactive is your team?
At Publicity Queen, we are so on the front foot we have calouses on our toes!  Our entire team are self-motivated and energetic people who are always thinking of new ways to get the name of their client in front of potential decision makers and customers.  Each and every week, our consultants are calling media representatives, pitching story ideas, organising photo shoots, media familiarisation tours and creating new content that is topical, informative and timely.  The media have developed trust with Publicity Queen as they know we represent quality businesses, and provide insightful information for their readers or viewers.

I hope reading the answers to these questions has given you an insight into Publicity Queen and the way we work in this industry  – we actually don’t do PR to get our clients in the press, we do it to help entrepreneurs and business managers like you grow the business.

Many thanks to the folks at BRW for their endorsement of our success, and we will continue, with them, to work with small to medium enterprises to encourage them to reach their true growth potential.  Onwards and upwards!

Publicity QueenYours in PR

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