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Publicity Queen Featured in PR Report

One of the most powerful ways in which to build the strength of your brand is through garnering endorsments from esteemed publications from within your own industry, and with this in mind, it was very pleasing that Publicity Queen was featured in the current edition of The PR Report.

The story on Publicity Queen focusses on the celebration of our tenth anniversary in April 2012, which is a remarkable result given the difficult financial conditions that the Australian market is still working through.

Marking this important milestone in this way has given me and the team an important touchstone to reflect on all of the great results we have achieved for our clients, and to project with great energy and enthusiasm about all that is still left for us to do in the future.

What I want to share with readers of our blog is the importance of industry and trade publications as a way to reinforce your own position within your industry.  While trade-specific publications tend to be read primarily by people within the industry that you are working in, they are also an important reference tool for someone choosing a new service provider.  It can also be a great way to attract potential business partners and staff members.

They can also be great sources of referrals from people within your own industry, who perhaps might specialise in a different aspect of your industry, or who have too much work on and are happy to refer clients to you that perhaps they are unable to service at that point in time.

So, when the opportunity presents itself, don’t pass up the chance to get a run in your own industry publication, as you never know where it might lead to, or what business opportunities it may present.

Yours in PR


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