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Publicity Queen Lands on Planet Gruen

Never let it be said that the Publicity Queen team miss an opportunity to learn about the world of PR.  This week my very own Royal Advisor, Libby Collett, winged her way down to Sydney to the Ultimo studios of the ABC for the taping of Gruen Planet.

Gruen Planet (whimsically described by Supervising Producer, Jon Casimir) as a ‘brand extension’ of The Gruen Transfer, shines a light on the backroom shenanigans of the world of pitch, marketing, spin and message control, and happens to be the highest rating programme on the ABC’s weekly schedule.  In case you missed this week’s episode, you can catch up on iView here

Libby tells me there was a great deal of comedic gold that didn’t make it into the ‘can’ on the night, with several hours of filming finally condensed into a half-hour episode that went to air on Wednesday night.

Among the evening’s highlights were the hilarious comparisons between first-timer on the panel, Stuart Gregor of Liquid Ideas and mainstay Russel Howcroft of George Patterson Y&R, who looked disturbingly alike; and Wil Anderson said he felt very outnumbered by the two baldies on the panel, only to turn around and be faced by the handsome and clean-shaven heads of the two creatives behind The Pitch – Jeff Champtaloup of BrainCELLS in Perth and Guillaume Roux of Sense in Melbourne, who each tried to convince us not to bet on the Melbourne Cup.

Watch the various pitches here and decide for yourself.

The show provides a tremendous opportunity for PR creatives to share their insight about our industry, how it works and why, and just how much can be invested in the purchase of the most intangible of commodities – influence!

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Twitterers Chirp Happiest at Morning and at Midnight

It is fair to say that not all of us could best be described as ‘morning people’ (and anyone who has seen me prior to my morning intake of Dilmah would vouch for this), nevertheless, it seems the content chirruping around the world on Twitter in the morning contains ‘happier’ and more upbeat content in the morning than at any other time of day.

Fascinating research commissioned by Scott A. Golder of  Cornell University  used Twitter and language software to track the moods of 2.4 million people in 84 countries over a period of two years.

They found that there are two daily peaks for positive mood – early in the morning, then later around midnight. The down period was the workday, a pattern that remained consistent, although overall the most happy tweets came through on weekends.  No big shocker there, although on Saturdays and Sundays the morning happy bubble emerged later than on weekdays.

This pattern of happy morning and midnight tweeters was observed across the globe, in various cultures and geography. Even in the United Arab Emirates where the work week shifts slightly from the universal norm of Monday through Friday, to Sunday through Thursday, the same pattern emerged.

So, what happens to us? Do we start off happy and then that feeling dissipates through the day? And why does happiness re-emerge in the middle of the night? These are interesting questions.  If we are in the business of disseminating information, does it mean that good news is best received in the morning?

Speaking of receiving good news in the morning, did you know our e-magazine Queentessentials is sent out in the morning on the first Tuesday each month?  If you are not a subscriber yet, click here to do so.  October’s edition is themed ‘Going Global’ and is packed with informative content including an interview with Gruen Planet producer Jon Casimir and much more.

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