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Publicity Queen Scores Two Covers in Two Weeks

There are times when as PRincipal of Publicity Queen I could not be prouder of what my team have achieved, and recently I had that experience when not just one but two of our clients made front page news within a fortnight across two States.

Both the Hobson’s Bay Leader (pictured far left) and Brisbane’s mX newspaper (pictured left) featured colourful and informative coverage of our clients, namely Oktoberfest Brisbane and Animal Aid.

These achievements take our total to more than 20 front page covers that we have achieved for our clients, and it is a reminder to both me and my team of talented Queens of just what is possible when great story ideas, teamed with great pictures and content, when pitched by a gun publicist, can achieve!

These latest cover are now framed, mounted and adorn the Publicity Queen Wall of Fame in the office, and it occurred to me to share with you exactly what we do to celebrate our wins here at Publicity Queen.

I wonder how other businesses celebrate their successes and share that sense of achievement with their staff?  I would love to hear from you exactly how you ‘share the love’ in your businesses, giving recognition and inspiring your teams to succeed.  Do write and let me know.

Yours in PR

Cross-Promotion = Ca-CHING!

One of the great joys of working in PR is the fun clients that we get to work with through the year, and especially now in the lead-up to Christmas, we get all warm and fuzzy as the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal gathers momentum in the leadup to 25 December each year.

For years now, Publicity Queen has handled the promotion of the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal for Queensland and Victoria, and this year we had the great idea of featuring two of our clients in a Christmas cross-promotion in collaboration with mX.

The result is the stunning image that you can see on the left of screen – featuring Lydia Lim from Soul Mystique – the dynamic dance and illusion duo that we have worked with this year, creating for them opportunities for media coverage including a return appearance on the Seven Network’s high rating show Australia’s Got Amazing Talent.

Lydia looks smashing in this picture, dressed entirely (almost!) in gift tags provided by the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal.  This image appeared on Tuesday on the front covers of mX in both Brisbane and Melbourne, reaching hundreds of thousands of busy commuters on their way home from work.

I encourage all of you who have multiple clients in diverse fields (or even in complementary ones) to think about ways that you can harness the contacts, content, visuals and events of your clients, partners and staff so that you can get a double-whammy through cross promotion, just as we have done here.

It has spurred me on to think about many more wild and wonderful ways that we can bring together all the members of the Publicity Queen family, generate some publicity, and build that spirit of inter-connectedness between us all.  Stay tuned!

Yours in PR

Publicity Queen Gets Front Cover of mX

Is that sleigh bells I hear, or the sweet chime of success as Publicity Queen scoops another front page for one of our clients.  This time it was for the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal, for which Publicity Queen manages the Queensland and Victorian campaigns.

Inspired by Australian Oscar-winning costume designer Lizzie Gardiner, who famously wore a dress made entirely of gold American Express Cards, yesterday’s edition of mX featured a young model clad only (well mostly!) in Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal gift tags.  The striking outfit, matched perfectly with a day-glo red wig, was put together by Melbourne designer Martina Lucinda.

This is just the kind of striking visual that editors love, and helped us to secure front page news in this daily publication that is read by the busy commuters as they head home from work.  According to mX, their three publications reach 757,000 people every weekday across the eastern seaboard of Australia, in Melbourne alone, an article like this one would be read by an average of 304,000 people.  The estimated advertising value equivalent for this article alone would be in excess of $30,000.

This is the THIRD FRONT COVER Publicity Queen has secured this year!  We got the front cover of The Courier Mail in April for Property Pursuit, front cover of City News for Sirromet in July and now front cover of mX for Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal in December.  Wahooooo!  And the year before we had the all-time PR coup of getting a front cover of The Australian Financial Review!

To find out how Publicity Queen can generate this kind of stellar coverage for your business, contact us.

Publicity QueenYours in PR

Client Relationships – Taking the Long View

I read recently a great article in BRW where Anthony Bell, founder of Bell Partners who at the tender age of 39 is the only accountant to make BRW’s Young Rich List, discussed his personalised and long-view approach to developing client relationships, and I was so inspired and impressed, I would like to share it with all of you.

When asked what makes a good accountant, and where other firms go wrong, he cited the need to develop a strong relationship with clients.  What was surprising was that Anthony has clearly invested a great deal of time and personal effort in building long-term relationships with clients and their families both on and off the clock.  For example, he is godfather to 16 children, 14 of whom are children of his clients.  Now that’s a serious commitment!  He says that when he talks to colleagues, he asks his managers how many of their clients got married this year and of those, how many wedding invitations they received, and from his perspective, ‘none’ is the wrong answer.

Now clearly this approach is not for everyone, and I do believe in the need for there to be some separation between work and personal life.  Blurring the two can mean that you never feel that the work day ends, but from my own experience, forging strong relationships with the members of my Advisory Board, my treasured Queens, the royal family (our clients) as well as other partners, I too have found that both my personal and work lives have been enriched.

What it all boils down to is the quality of relationships.  By working hard on developing meaningful relationships with clients, partners, suppliers, media contacts and all of the many people who help me to run Publicity Queen, it means that when I need a level of service above and beyond the normal, the strength of these relationships means I can call in a favour or two.

The flipside of that scenario is the need to be appreciative and thankful of the support we receive.  For example, when we work closely with a media contact and they give one of our clients a good run, such as the front covers we have scored in The Australian Financial Review, The Courier Mail, City News and mX, or like the national media coverage we will get for the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal on “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” this Saturday night, we thank them personally.  And when we receive outstanding support from our suppliers, we make sure they know they are appreciated by giving a gift to show our appreciation, as we did recently for our IT gurus at BizTopia who always go that extra mile to help us out.

As we approach the Christmas season, where we traditionally count our blessings and give thanks, let’s keep in mind all the people who help us to build and grow our businesses.  There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and I believe it takes a village to grow a business too, so make sure all the people in your village know they are appreciated and valued.

Publicity QueenYours in PR,

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