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Twitterers Chirp Happiest at Morning and at Midnight

It is fair to say that not all of us could best be described as ‘morning people’ (and anyone who has seen me prior to my morning intake of Dilmah would vouch for this), nevertheless, it seems the content chirruping around the world on Twitter in the morning contains ‘happier’ and more upbeat content in the morning than at any other time of day.

Fascinating research commissioned by Scott A. Golder of  Cornell University  used Twitter and language software to track the moods of 2.4 million people in 84 countries over a period of two years.

They found that there are two daily peaks for positive mood – early in the morning, then later around midnight. The down period was the workday, a pattern that remained consistent, although overall the most happy tweets came through on weekends.  No big shocker there, although on Saturdays and Sundays the morning happy bubble emerged later than on weekdays.

This pattern of happy morning and midnight tweeters was observed across the globe, in various cultures and geography. Even in the United Arab Emirates where the work week shifts slightly from the universal norm of Monday through Friday, to Sunday through Thursday, the same pattern emerged.

So, what happens to us? Do we start off happy and then that feeling dissipates through the day? And why does happiness re-emerge in the middle of the night? These are interesting questions.  If we are in the business of disseminating information, does it mean that good news is best received in the morning?

Speaking of receiving good news in the morning, did you know our e-magazine Queentessentials is sent out in the morning on the first Tuesday each month?  If you are not a subscriber yet, click here to do so.  October’s edition is themed ‘Going Global’ and is packed with informative content including an interview with Gruen Planet producer Jon Casimir and much more.

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MyBusiness Awards 2011 – Are You in the Running?

It’s that time of year – time for the annual MyBusiness Awards for 2011.  Regular readers of my blog will recall that I was featured in the April edition of MyBusiness, discussing the importance of Advisory Boards.

In my experience, businesses that nominate themselves for these kinds of awards are growth companies with a focus on innovation, and success in these kinds of competitions is a brilliant way to generate cost-effective PR, as well as third-party endorsements that are incredibly valuable.

This year’s awards will have a new and detailed judging process, new judging criteria including novelty, creativity, innovation and outcomes, with bonus points for
businesses that go the extra mile with their entries, such as including social media or audio-visual elements into their competition entries.

Entries close on 19 August 2011, so hop to it!  And for tips on how to help your company go viral (this advice may be handy for preparing your award entry, by the way), stay tuned for the August edition of Queentessentials, due out next Tuesday.  If you are not already a subscriber, click here to subscribe.

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Publicity Queen Blog Nominated for Australia’s Best Blog

Best Australian Blogs 2011 
It is with great pride that I share with you, the faithful readers of the Publicity Queen blog, that we have been nominated for the Sydney Writers’ Centre’s Best Australian Blogs for 2011.

The competition is the brainchild of that digital dynamo, Valerie Khoo, whom many of you I am sure have already heard of, and who was interviewed in the Meet the Media segment of our e-newsletter, Queentessentials, back in March.  In case you missed it (shock, horror!) you can still read our chat with Valerie, who has built an enviable reputation as a blogger, writer, columnist and business mentor, here.

This is not the first time that Publicity Queen’s blog has been recognised – we were also listed in the Top 50 Australian Marketing Pioneer Blogs back in 2008.  Perhaps now we have evolved from a pioneering blog into a veteran blog?  Before I get distracted by thinking about about how old that makes me feel, can I tell you that I find this blogging medium to be such an immediate and powerful tool to communicate with the blogosphere, sharing my thoughts and insights with you all, and learning so much at the same time. 

I would like to congratulate Valerie on this stellar initiative which seeks to reward and draw attention to best-practice in blogging in Australia, and in doing so, hopefully encourage those who are in business who are not yet blogging to take the plunge.

Just in case you are not yet sold on the power and importance of blogging, let me borrow a few words from our friends at Bloomberg BusinessWeek, who wrote on this very subject recently, and from their blog entry entitled Social Media Will Change Your Business, I quote: ” It doesn’t matter whether you’re shipping paper clips, pork bellies, or videos of Britney in a bikini, blogs are a phenomenon that you cannot ignore, postpone, or delegate…blogs are not a business elective. They’re a prerequisite.”

When you log on to the competition website, there is all kinds of helpful and supportive content there on how to get started, how to embed exciting content, and how to grow your readership.

Entries for the competition close on 15 April 2011, so it is not too late to get your entries in.  Best of luck!

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Have you got your Queentessentials?

Queentessentials December 2010Seasons Greetings!  We have just launched the bumper Christmas and New Year edition of Queentessentials, and we have crammed the PR stocking full of insights and tips to help you get ready for 2011.

In this edition we meet Spencer Howson of 612 ABC and look at a business phenomenon now referred to as ‘The Oprah Effect’.  In our regular features we give you a glimpse inside the exciting PR world, including the power of a photoshoot to support strong written material, the latest sales wisdom from Napoleon Hill and much more.  To read it, and to subscribe, click here

Wishing you a safe and happy festive season, and a prosperous New Year ahead for 2011.

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Meeting Spencer Howson – Brilliance for Breakfast

My Royal Adviser and right hand girl, Libby Collett, has just returned from interviewing the Brisbane breakfast dynamo, Spencer Howson, who hosts the most listened-to breakfast segment in the local radio market, from 6-9am each morning on ABC Radio 612am.

It seems the key to Spencer’s success really comes down to a few key elements – his unwavering integrity (this man cannot be bought – not even with a cup of coffee!), his obsession with finding the local Brisbane aspect to all the content on his programme and his drive to make his show’s content relevant and useful for his listeners.

For those who may not know, Spencer is one part of a Brisbane media power couple, as his wife Nikki is a news producer at Channel 9 Brisbane, and you might imagine between the two of them, there is nothing going on in Brisbane that they don’t know about.

Keep your eyes peeled for the December/January bumper festive edition of Queentessentials to peek inside this news powerhouse and find out the secrets to his success.

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Publicity Queen Gets $500,000 in PR for Property Pursuit

In just 14 months we have be able to generate more than half-a-million dollars worth of coverage for Brisbane buyers agents, Property Pursuit – that averages about $36,000 per month!

I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Tracey McMullan, who has worked hard to generate such fantastic results by creating high-value content and story angles for the media.

And I want to congratulate Meighan and Jason Hetherington of Property Pursuit whose industry expertise and business savvy has drawn the attention of the media and the market.  Well done to you both!

Rather than resting on our regal laurels, we are further inspired by our results and will be continuing to work hard with Property Pursuit so that they continue to be called upon as experts in their field.

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Our First Queentessentials!

It’s finally here! Welcome, Queentessentials – our monthly newsletter. It’s just been sent and should be hitting your inbox now.

QueentessentialsEach issue will have a theme and will include different interviews with journalists, a range of PR tips, client of the month and various business stories.

Our first newsletter is themed around new businesses, so we have crafted a range of material which will include PR and business info for people who have a start-up business or are thinking about starting one.

This issue features an interview with Jen Bishop, Editor of Dynamic Business magazine giving us her secrets for success in start-up businesses. We have also included PR tips for your start-up business, client of the month – Australia’s Biggest Bookgroup and useful business stories, plus more.

So if you haven’t yet signed up for our Queentessentials newsletter, then quickly head to our sign up page at –

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