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Become Your Own Publicity Queen

Become your own publicity queen” are the sage words of advice that were distributed by Sensis in the latest edition of their Small Business Big Opportunity newsletter.

Small Business, Big OpportunityHere’s a link to the whole story…

And yes, for those of you who wonder what I look like, that is a photo of me with the article!

Publicity Queen Yours in publicity

Personal PR Tactics to Grow Your Business

Well I know it’s not until October, but this is forewarning of a workshop that I’ll be presenting at…

Ben Angel of Nationwide Networking has asked me to be on the expert panel to help small business owners with their publicity (of course I said yes!).

Here are the details:

Nationwide NetworkingBrand Entrepreneur – Personal PR Tactics to Grow Your Business

Just scroll down to the bottom of the page (it’s at the bottom only because it’s in October!) and you can have a look at the event.

I’d love you to come along and introduce yourself if you get the opportunity.

Publicity Queen Yours in publicity

Publicity Article in Jeweller by Publicity Queen

The Assistant Editor of Jeweller magazine recently asked me to write an article to help jewellers get publicity for themselves.

It was recently published and I thought you might like a sneak peak – here it is, just click on the magazine cover below to see the article…


Publicity Queen Yours in diamonds and pearls of wisdom about publicity!

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