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Margaret Gee’s Media Guide – Free!

Here’s some absolutely glorious news.  You can get free access to Margaret Gee’s Media Guide!

What’s Margaret Gee’s Media Guide you ask?…

The Media Guide is a comprehensive listing of all newspapers, magazines, tv and radio stations in Australia together with key journalists’ contact details for each.

The Media Guide is an absolute must for any small business who is serious about doing their own publicity.

Margaret Gee's Media Guide (This is a screen shot of the Media Guide)

And how do you get it for free you ask?…

This is the great news!  Some public libraries buy a subscription to the guide and then if you’re a member of the library, you can access it remotely through the internet. 

Yes, how good is that – you don’t even have to leave the office to get it!

So just contact your local library (and if they don’t have it check out a few libraries in your surrounding area) and see if you can get the media guide online for free.

For example, the Richmond library in Melbourne has a subscription which means that any person in Victoria can join this library and start using this most incredible publicity resource.

So get on the phone and check it out…

Just love it when I get some great info to share with you!

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity

SMEs and Publicity in Australia

Two articles on PR in Australia’s press in one week – how fantastic!!!

Here’s a snippet of what Thursday’s The Australian Financial Review said…

“Australian companies spend more than $700 million a year on outsourced public relations services, but few of these firms are small and medium-sized enterprises.” (which is exactly what I suggested in the last post!)

…”SMEs would rarely engage a consultancy..”

“Most are not able to garner regular press attention because of their size, unless they’re in a really focused niche, are rapidly growing, or have a significant project they need help with” (I royally disagree with this as someone who specialises in getting media coverage for SMEs – it’s just that the PR and media industries have never be set-up to support them!!!!)

“…Australia’s industry has always been charactersied by boutique, industry-specific agencies.” (and then along came Publicity Queen!)

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity

Small business to reap PR benefits

BRWI was thrilled to read the ‘PR Profits In A Spin’ article in the latest issue of the BRW for two reasons…  Firstly, it was great to see an article on PR! and secondly, it indicated that the smaller-styled consultances are chipping away at the big consultancies profits!!!  Yayyyyy!

While the large consultancies have dominated the market, it has meant that PR and publicity have been the domain of larger organisations with commensurately significant marketing budgets.

With the gradual shift to smaller consultancies, small business owners are now in a position to take advantage of getting expert service from smaller, more affordable, flexible and dynamic organisations like Publicity Queen (I had to say that didn’t I…).

It seems that there is a long overdue shake-up happening in the PR industry which is great news. 

Publicity Queen   Yours in publicity

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