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Three Simple Indicators for Small Business and PR Success

In working with hundreds of small businesses, there are a number of ‘success secrets’ that I’ve discovered.  One of the most powerful (and absolutely one of my all time favs!) is what I term the ‘TIS’ secret…

I think there are three key performance indicators that all small business owners should be tracking.  Why? Because if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – and you need to both measure and manage these three things to ensure your business is successful.

So here are the magic three that I recommend…

  1. Traffic
  2. Inquiries
  3. Sales

It’s soooo important to know how much traffic is coming to your website (and your store), what levels of inquiries are being made and how much is being sold – this is business 101.

I say it’s important for two reasons…

  1. Logically – your financial success depends on it
  2. Psychologically – TIS is a great motivational tool because you can always strive to improve the numbers

And from a PR perspective, it’s sooo much easier for us to work with small businesses that are TIS-ified because it means we have a business owner or manager who is absolutely focussed on growth and innovation – a publicist’s dream client.

So, what’s your TIS and how can you improve it?

   Yours in publicity

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