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Groovy Grandmas Want PR

I was speaking at Brisbane’s Women’s Network Australia event last week and met Bryony Preece who is a Groovy Grandma (by name and by nature) who’s publishing an online magazine for other Groovy Grandmas.

Bryony is set to expand her publishing empire for the groovy generation with a hardcopy version of the magazine under the same name.  The Groovy Grandas magazine is going to have an initial 30,000 print run and be distributed through newsagencies nationally.

Sooooo, Groovy Grandmas is looking for material…

If you have a product or service or some news that would suit a grandma with some grooviness, please visit and send Bryony your information (and tell her the Publicity Queen sent you!).

Yours in PR

New Media PR Opportunities

Here’s a great tip (even if I do say so myself!)…

Keep an eye out for new publications and programs and send them relevant (I want to stress relevant here!) information about your business.

Why?… because at that start-up stage, these new media outlets don’t necessarily have well-established news sources and will be focussing on providing new and interesting content so as to differentiate their product in the market- which means, they’re often much more open to PR approaches.

Just make sure that you spend time considering your angle particular to the media outlet and this is important for two reasons: 1. the editor/journalist will know that you’ve tailored it distinctly for them and 2. this will dramatically increase the likelihood of you getting coverage.

This is a sensational opportunity to establish a great working relationship within the media.

So your homework… keep particular track of magazines and new titles – there are always new opportunities out there for you.

Publicity Queen Yours in PR

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