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Top Editors List

AAP is one of Austalia’s leading providers of fabulous media stuff!  (yes indeedy, it’s the technical term!) and one of my favourites is their ‘Top Editors List’ which for the measley price of $55 +GST gives you instant access to around 200-plus top radio, tv and newspaper editors around the country.

So if you ever have some harder news (this is not the list for your latest product launch but rather something a little more serious) then this will be great for you.

Check it out here…

AAP MediaNetActually to be honest, if you want more info, the best way to get it is to contact Graeme Richardson direct at AAP (tell him the Queenie sent you!).  His contact details are:
T 03 9619 9302 or email him on gstephenson at aap dot com dot au.

I have to say that I love, love, love this resource too – seems like I’m having myself a love fest here with my last two posts – you may as well join in!

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Slicing It Up!

I’m royally proud – Slice Media has profiled me as one of their model customers!  Here’s the link  Slice Media

It came about because I think this is an absolutely fantastic resource and am in love, love, love with it!

So are you an avid customer of one of your suppliers – would it be possible for them to profile you on their website or in a newsletter as a case study – it’s worth thinking about…

Within the first hour of the Slice Media newsletter having been issued, I received a new subscriber to this very blog and a career application form as well as a prospective client contacting me.

I’m seriously Sliced!

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Business Mums Conference

The inaugural two-day Business Mums Conference is happening this week and it’s going to be a great event for small business owners – particulary for those of you who live in Victoria – here are the details…Business Mums

  • When – Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September
  • Where – Holmesglen Conference Centre, Melbourne

It’s jam-packed with heaps of speakers (including me!) who are going to be sharing valuable tips and insights so as to help make your business stronger and more successful.

Click here to check out the Business Mums Conference Timetable

So why don’t you register… you can come along for a half-day, full day or the whole conference including a dinner on the Saturday night.

For more info, go to the Business Mums site or click here

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