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Small Business Secrets for Success

Mike O'Hagan of MiniMoversYesterday morning (very bright & early I might tell you!) I went to see Mike O’Hagan of MiniMovers speak.

He was fantastic – here’s a man who started a business that has turnover in the vicinity of $30 million with $200 and a ute!

He said that he was looking to create an opportunity whereby he could fill a market gap, earn a stash of money but it not be reliant on him. Mmmmm….

And Mike was kind enough to share his ‘secrets’ for success.

He said that his ‘modus operandi’ (I’m a bit addicted to that piece of latin!) consisted of three consistant activities:

  1. Experiment (prove the concept before you commit)
  2. Systematise (find ways to get other people to do things your way)
  3. Duplicate (grow the value)

This is a fantastic message for anyone who has started a small business and you’ve found that it’s taking over your life!  Look for ways of systematising the business so that you can duplicate the processes and start making serious money – all while freeing up your time.

Simply glorious Mike – thanx.

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