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Media Feedback

I just received an email which I wanted to share with you all – it’s from one of our clients, the Director of AMEE Easy Software, Matthew Meath. Take a look at the powerful impact of PR!

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to share some news with you.  We’ve recently had a new client come on board!  In the initial interview she had a whole stack of information on us, most of which was printed from our website. However, one of the papers caught my attention and it was the article on us from the coverage out of the Herald Sun. It was good to see the article impacted her in some way. Thank you!


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Our First Queentessentials!

It’s finally here! Welcome, Queentessentials – our monthly newsletter. It’s just been sent and should be hitting your inbox now.

QueentessentialsEach issue will have a theme and will include different interviews with journalists, a range of PR tips, client of the month and various business stories.

Our first newsletter is themed around new businesses, so we have crafted a range of material which will include PR and business info for people who have a start-up business or are thinking about starting one.

This issue features an interview with Jen Bishop, Editor of Dynamic Business magazine giving us her secrets for success in start-up businesses. We have also included PR tips for your start-up business, client of the month – Australia’s Biggest Bookgroup and useful business stories, plus more.

So if you haven’t yet signed up for our Queentessentials newsletter, then quickly head to our sign up page at –

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Internet PR For Men

So where do men really go to find out everything they know? The internet of course!

According to new research by Fox Interactive Media (FIM), 90 per cent of Australian men think websites are more helpful than other forms of traditional media. FIM surveyed 700 Australian men as part of their launch for men’s website

So what do men really like to research online? Surprisingly, according to the survey, cars, travel, fashion and dating are the hot topics.

FIM National Sales Director, Andrew Cordwell said is rich with Australian content.

“It provides Australian marketers with tools to credibly target and connect with this hard to reach demographic,” he said.

So if you have a client or product which is targeted towards men then check out the website, you might find some handy info about males us women didn’t know about.

The website receives 150,000 hits per month.

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Source: B&T

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