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Internet Publicity for Small Business

No matter how big or small your business is, I absolutely recommend that you need to you have a company website – it’s the focus point for your online profile and publicity.

Most people now spend part of any buying process online doing research – whether it’s for shoes, a car or looking for a lawyer.

If you need any convincing, read the article below which was published on

While the article focuses on luxury brands’ reluctance to become involved in Web 2.0, I think many of the points made in this article relate to small business too.

So please have a read and a ponder… Brand Channel

Publicity Queen Yours in publicity

101 Ways to Kickstart Your Business

Hello There

Well I know it’s been a while since I last blogged but you’ll have to excuse me as Publicity Queen has expanded to Queensland (perfect name for a state don’t you think!) and I’ve been a little busy!

Alas, I’m back and I’ve got some exciting news…

There is a fabulous new book that’s just been launched called 101 Ways to Kickstart Your Business written by Claire Heaney and published by Wilkinson Publishing.

101 Ways to Kickstart Your BusinessSome of you will know Claire because you’ll be one of the half-a-million people that read her section Business Owner in the Herald Sun every week. She’s a legendary figure among small business owners in Victoria.

During her time as the Editor of Business Owner Claire has met thousands of small business owners and she’s collected the best, sure-fire success tips from them and compiled them into a stunning new book.

So do yourself and your business a favour and go and buy this book – it’s very practical with real people telling real stories on how they have built their businesses. The book is available from any Dymocks store and in my own humble Queenie opinion, is an absolute worthwhile investment at $29.95.

Now the other exciting bit of news about the book is… have a close look at the front cover… any Publicity Queen you recognise?? Hmmmm?? Yes, I’ve made it to my first front cover and Claire’s used a couple of my hints in her book so I’m giddy with goodness and cleverness!

To give you an idea of the information in the book, here’s the table of contents:

  1. Getting started
  2. It takes two
  3. Keeping it in the family
  4. Home office
  5. What’s in a name
  6. Standing out from the crowd
  7. Spreading the word
  8. Newsmakers
  9. Helping others to help you
  10. Using your head
  11. Growing your market
  12. Getting good people
  13. Keeping ahead of the pack
  14. Making it stack up
  15. From little things big things grow
  16. Where to from here

I will be back in a couple of days with some more news…

So goooood to be back!

Publicity Queen Yours in publicity

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